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Iğdır University Career Application and Research Center;

It is a unit that provides support to students, graduates, academic and administrative staff to have a successful career, to provide successful students and graduates, to employers and alumni to come together and to provide career development services within the university.

KARMER's main purpose is to make career plans for our university students; to provide high school education to Iğdır University graduates from national to international level and to help them to adapt to university, from university to working life and to settle in jobs suitable for their characteristics after graduation through career counseling.


Key Tasks of the Career Center

* Students' career planning; to help them to adapt from high school to university, from university to working life

* To make monitoring studies on career development processes of students and graduates,

* To organize courses, conferences and symposiums for students and graduates to increase their professional competence and to follow developments in their fields, 

* Promoting university students' interests and abilities and providing information about undergraduate programs compatible with their characteristics,

* To increase the number of institutions that students can do internships, to make connections with these institutions,

* To provide employment of Iğdır University graduates at national and international level.

* Interpreting job applications, job interviews

* Teaching job search behavior, preparing for job application and job interviews

* Recognize students' interests, abilities and other personality traits through tests and career consultations and help them make the most appropriate choices

* Exhibitions of the business world, students' fairs, campus information meetings and so on. bringing together,

* Good communication between university and business world,

* Practice in the field of career counseling, research, preparing projects, participating in / supporting studies,

* E-magazine, e-brochure, e-newsletter and so on. publications.